Russia establishes digital infrastructure for smart leasing

Data on the movements, violations and driving patterns of each driving client are automatically transmitted to the vehicle leasing company and can be used to calculate individual tariffs.

Moscow’s Smart Driving Labs (SDL) and AzurDrive have launched a fleet of more than 500 connected cars, united by a single digital infrastructure.

The fleet is intended to become the basis for the large-scale implementation of smart leasing programmes in Russia. According to SDL, the use of IoT technologies, satellite navigation, telemetry and big data will reduce monthly payments by individualising the approach to risk management.

Driving safety

Smart leasing from AzurDrive is integrated with SDL’s connected car platform which allows remote diagnostics of the technical condition of cars, assess driving safety, monitor the location of vehicles and their entering and exiting of certain geofences.

The companies plan to increase the connected fleet size to 3,000 by 2022.

Connected car platform data allows the lessor to track and analyse the movements of rental cars and information about speeding and sudden manoeuvres.

During the testing of the AzurDrive system, SDL conducted a study comparing the data of connected cars with the average indicators of its fleet. SDL reports the experiment showed that drivers, knowing that their behaviours were being monitored on the road, were much less likely to receive fines and become involved an accident.

Automation is implemented by integrating SDL’s platform with the AzurDrive scoring and fleet management system. Data on the movements, violations and driving patterns of each client are automatically transmitted to the leasing company and can be used to calculate individual tariffs.

Since the lab’s solution is accredited by all major insurance companies, calculation of the Casco insurance and factoring the discount for the use of telematics, is done for each client individually.

“This tool significantly increases the transparency of the relationship between the lessor and the [driver] client, reduces the costs of fleet management and insurance, and also allows you to aggregate big data for individual scoring,” said Svetlana Kalganova, director of technology and processes at AzurDrive.

“All this directly or indirectly leads to the solution of the main problem of leasing development in Russia – accessibility for the mass consumer.”

AzurDrive claims an additional benefit for its commercial customers is they get access to structured data from the SDL and AzurDrive platforms which can be analysed with tools in the mobile application and web interface.

SDL’s solutions are also used to help ensure the safety of the AzurDrive fleet. For example, each car is equipped with autonomous search devices, and remote theft prevention systems. SDL’s dispatch centre monitors the safety of cars around the clock.

In case of theft, both the employees of the SDL and AzurDrive’s dispatchers can locate and return the car in partnership with police help or other rapid response services.



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