Pinterest Launches New Team to Accelerate Product and Feature Development

Pinterest TwoTwenty

As Pinterest looks to the next stage of eCommerce, and facilitating product discovery, the platform has today announced the launch of TwoTwenty, a dedicated team of engineers, designers, and content and product experts that will focus on testing and launching new ideas for the platform.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Ideas come from across the company via Makeathons and a submission portal called ‘Idea Factory’. TwoTwenty will then go to work researching, prototyping and testing to identify features with traction. After experimentation, these incubation ideas are productionized at scale and handed off to other teams within the company.”

So it’s essentially a dedicated project group, somewhat similar to Facebook’s NPE team, though focused on testing new in-app tools and functions, as opposed to the NPE team’s explorations into entirely new apps.

The idea is that the TwoTwenty team will be able to test and push out new projects faster, providing Pinterest with an ongoing Makeathon team that will continue to iterate and experiment based on the latest trends and ideas.

Pinterest says that TwoTwenty’s first exploration was with live-streamed creator events, which it developed based on creator and Pinner feedback. That eventually became Pinterest TV, which it officially announced earlier this month.

That also leans into the rising interest in live-stream commerce, which is already huge in China. The popularity of live-streamed shopping among Chinese consumers has lead to Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook (or Meta) all trying out their own live shopping projects to see if they can drive more interest.

The alignment with this broader trend suggests that TwoTwenty will be monitoring more than just Pinner feedback, with overall industry shifts also likely to guide its direction on building new tools and additions.

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