New Turnkey Solution Optimises Parking And Charging


Charging eCars directly at the workplace and efficient parking space management are more in demand today than ever before. The problem until now: companies had to work with several different systems. In order to solve this challenge, the technology company ParkHere and has·to·be offer a complete, integrated solution.

The popularity of eCars is growing continuously. To take account of this development, more and more companies are relying on a charging infrastructure on-site at the company location. At the same time, sustainable parking management is required in many places in order to offer available parking spaces to employees and customers. Until recently, companies needed two different providers to implement the associated requirements. This meant increased organizational and time expenditure as well as a poorer user experience due to the need for multiple front-ends and apps.

The Munich-based technology company ParkHere is specialized in parking space solutions and has taken on this problem. Since 2015 ParkHere has been offering unique IoT hardware and software solutions for companies, real estate, and parking operators for efficient and sustainable mobility. “Loading at the workplace is becoming more and more important. Together with eMobility providers like has·to·be, we optimize the process and can simplify the specific requirements of the corporate environment”, explains Felix Harteneck, CEO of ParkHere GmbH.

The aim of the cooperation: to offer companies an efficient overall solution that enables both smart parking management and charging of eCars – with just one app. “Via API we provide the ParkHere system with central functionalities of be.ENERGISED”, explains Tobias Scharfen, CSO of has·to·be gmbh. “ParkHere can thus offer the customer in one frontend, the possibilities for booking parking spaces as well as controlling and paying for charging infrastructure”. For this purpose, ParkHere extends its existing software solution to include payment, reservation, and management of parking spaces in combination with charging at the parking lot. The respective company therefor receives everything from one source. A complete solution ready for the first use.

Felix Harteneck, CEO of ParkHere GmbH, sees many advantages in the partnership with has·to·be: “As a high-tech company in the mobility industry, we are constantly looking for experts to provide companies with a sustainable mobility offer. With has·to·be we have been able to expand our partner network and use our synergies to make parking and charging easier for drivers of EVs”.

With this solution, which is a novelty on the market, has·to·be is also setting an example for cross-industry cooperation. “With this new complete solution, companies can take another important step towards sustainable mobility of the future,” emphasizes Tobias Scharfen. “The strength of this cooperation clearly lies in the bundling of competencies. It will both pay tribute to the increasing demand for parking space for eCars and also take efficient parking space usage into account. We are pleased that we, as eMobility specialists, we’re able to accomplish this great idea with our software”.

ParkHere is a technology company that specializes in parking solutions. Consisting of IoT hardware and software products, ParkHere offers companies, real estate and parking operators unique solutions for efficient and sustainable mobility. Companies such as Telefónica, BMW or Giesecke+Devrient already rely on the individually configurable complete solution and ParkHere’s expert knowledge.