Nautilus signs with Thailand’s Raimon Land to build data centers


Nautilus Data Technologies, best known for its floating data centers, has signed a partnership with Thailand luxury property developer Raimon Land.

The deal will see Raimon use Nautilus’ water-cooled data center architecture to build facilities in Thailand and other regional markets including the Philippines.

The partnership is Raimon’s first move in the data center sector. The company is otherwise better known for work in the “ultra luxury” sector, providing millionaire homes such as Rosewood Residences Kamala in Phuket.

Nautilus first emerged with plans for data centers on barges cooled by the water on which they float, but has since transferred its water-cooling techniques to land-based facilities, with a project to construct a $300 million water-cooled data center in Penobscott, Maine.

Nautilus brands its cooling ideas as TRUE (Total Resource Usage Effectiveness) technologies, which it says reduces energy costs and eliminates water consumption, wastewater production, and harmful refrigerant use.

“We are very excited to enter the data center space, a core pillar of the new economy,” said Stephane Michel, chief operating officer of Raimon Land. “These buildings have key real estate requirements for their development, in which our knowledge will be critical. The technological requirements make them the perfect fusion between real estate, which is the traditional industry where we currently sit, and the new economy.”

Raimon Land expects to announce its first site location after evaluation and selection during 2022 and 2023.