Itron launches online marketplace for smart city solutions

Itron is launching an online marketplace that enables cities to explore field-proven and pilot-ready smart city solutions from third parties.

The critical infrastructure solutions specialist aims to streamline the process of identifying and learning about solutions that can help cities and utilities continue to digitally transform and better serve their citizens and customers.

Emerging solutions

The Itron Partner Solution Marketplace augments the solutions found in Itron’s product catalogue and, with a growing number of innovative and emerging solutions cities can search for products by solution type, industry, supported connectivity models and regional availability.

According to Itron, the partner ecosystem enhances and extends its solution portfolio and enables a diverse set of use cases. This includes: demand response; distribution automation; distributed energy management; distributed intelligence (DI); gas; water; smart cities; and smart lighting.

Itron said such technologies can increase consumer energy awareness and enable more resourceful management of appliances, solar generation and electric vehicle charging.

“We are excited to showcase field-ready solutions with the launch of Itron’s Partner Solution Marketplace,” said John Marcolini, senior vice president of networked solutions at Itron.

“The marketplace will continue to grow as we add tested solutions and new partners, allowing Itron customers to easily extend the value of their Itron multi-purpose industrial internet of things (IIoT) network by expanding new use-cases with innovative solutions from a robust, diverse and mature partner ecosystem.”

Itron works together with technology innovators, consultants, service providers and channel partners to deliver outcomes for utilities and cities on a journey towards a more resourceful world. It claims the partner ecosystem can help customers accelerate the modernisation of utilities and cities and enable customers to transform their business to deliver enhanced customer service, safety and reliability.

Itron’s portfolio of solutions are deployed in more than 100 countries and includes smart networks, software, services, meters and sensors to help customers better manage electricity, gas and water resources for the people they serve.