Israel pilots project to connect smart traffic cameras over 5G

5G Israel smart city

RAD has been selected by Israel’s Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority for the programme that aims to develop applications to improve the country’s communications infrastructure.

Israel’s Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority has selected RAD, a global telecom access solutions vendor, for a smart traffic pilot project designed to promote the use of 5G.

The pilot will be carried out together with Israel’s National Transport Infrastructure Company and forms part of a programme to develop smart applications to improve communications infrastructure around the country.

Fibre optics networks

Traffic cameras deployed across Israel are connected over fibre optics networks which limit the addition of required cameras in sites that are not served by fibre, according to RAD.

The new pilot will deliver live video feeds from traffic cameras over a 5G network using RAD’s SecFlow IIoT gateway, enabling fast addition of many new cameras regardless of fibre availability.

“[Our company] has been very active in the areas of IoT and 5G. Our solutions in these fields attract attention around the world thanks to the innovation that they bring. RAD’s selection is a vote of confidence in our technology,” said Udy Kashkash, CEO and president.

“5G will revolutionise industry, transportation, infrastructure, and business. We at RAD are proud to be at the forefront of such initiatives that drive forward the Israeli tech industry.”

Designed for large scale automated networks in smart cities, smart energy, and smart industry environments, and featuring edge computing capabilities, SecFlow aggregates and securely delivers traffic from smart meters, sensors, control units, CCTV cameras, and other smart devices over any network, with unified management and fast threat response, RAD claims.

The Ministry of Communications reckons that the winning technologies are economic “game changers” that will significantly drive the Israeli economy forward. New 5G developments are expected to lead smart technologies in the coming years and generate increased demand worldwide.

As a secure Industrial IoT (IIoT) backhaul and edge computing solutions specialist, RAD said it is committed to enabling service providers and critical infrastructure operators to evolve any service over any network.

With 40 years of innovation and a significant worldwide presence in over 150 countries, RAD claims to have an installed base of more than 16 million network elements. It is a member of the $1.5bn RAD Group of telecommunications solutions companies.