Increase transparency and process reliability


The digital integration of production workflows has many advantages, such as an increase in transparency and a consistent high level of process reliability. Using the integrated workflow management of MPDV, you can map the recurring organizational workflows in production in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA.

Digital mapping of support processes

The workflow management is a useful tool to integrate all processes – apart from the actual orders – ensuring productivity and competitivity. The employees constantly have an overview of all processes and can immediately see if something is wrong. With the integration of the workflow management in HYDRA, the data recorded can be saved and evaluated in the system. All HYDRA clients available can use the workflow management: the shop floor terminal, the office PC or mobile devices like tablets directly at the assembly line or elsewhere.

Learning from mistakes

A good example is the recurring process of decision making when scrap has been produced: Can the item be reworked? If so, do you wait for more scrap or do you immediately start reworking? If not, what happens to the item? Is it recycled or stored for training purposes? Using the workflow management, you can add as many details as required to this decision tree. You can also use the workflow management to trigger logistics workflows after posting part quantities: removal of the posted parts, delivery of a new pallet, storage of the finished items and booking in the ERP.