Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White launch – A stylish operational center

Genesis HOLM 320 RGB

Solid and stylish with space for everything that is needed, and with personalization options to boot? This sounds like a description of an ideal desk, and according to its designers, it fits the Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White perfectly.

The Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White gaming desk is a perfect option for users who are looking for a combination of style and functionality. Its 120 x 60 cm tabletop is made from an MDF board. Covered with carbon veneer, the desk has all the space users need. The sceen can be placed on a shelf, which allows for optimal placement and saves space on the desk.

GenesisThe manufacturer also included holders for cups and headphones, as well as a stand for gamepads. Thanks to those features everything has its place and organizing the working space becomes easy. The Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White desk has an in-built wireless charger. Users can charge their modern devices simply by placing them on the desk. Cable organization is supported by a three USB 3.0 hub with cable channels.

The set is completed with remotely controlled LED illumination with a number of programmed modes and effects. These will illuminate the white Genesis HOLM 320 RGB unit to create a unique gaming environment.

Genesis HOLM 320 RGB WhiteTechnical specification:
● table-top size: 120 cm x 60 cm
● table-top height: 75 cm
● materials: MDF board (top), metal (frame)
● color: white
● holders:
○ cup
○ headphones
○ gamepads

● shelves:
○ screen
○ power strip
● additions:
○ included wireless 10 W charger
○ USB hub: yes, 3 x USB 3.0
○ cable organization system