Crosser and Elkome partner to accelerate industrial IoT projects

Crosser, an innovator in edge analytics, intelligent workflows and hybrid integration for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has partnered with Elkome, an industrial system supplier and trusted advisor with high industrial domain knowledge in the Finish market. Together, Crosser and Elkome will help industries to accelerate their digital transformation journeys without reliance on internal software developers.

Based in Hyvinkaa, Finland, Elkome imports industrial hardware and components from equipment manufacturers and supplies them to the industry. In addition to product sales, the company designs systems for product testing, quality management, operational efficiency and digitalisation of production.

Elkome’s solutions are designed to digitise production and boost efficiency. Elkome also offers technologies such as control room and operator interface solutions, communication and industrial networking and remote access solutions, covering both device manufacturing and system integration.

Crosser offers a complete solution to help asset rich organisations overcome data complexity. The Crosser low-code platform gives users access to a rich library of pre-built modules that enable non-developers to apply any data transformation, harmonisation, and advanced analytics to the streaming data. The platform enables a hybrid architecture, which means that the real-time analytics engine, or Crosser Node, can be installed anywhere: on an edge gateway, on a factory floor, or in the cloud giving customers maximum flexibility.

Fight complexity with simplicity
Industrial IoT projects are often very complex, time consuming and require great domain knowledge as well as digital expertise. Most IIoT projects also rely on digital hardware or infrastructure, such as gateways and virtual machines. It is crucial for the industry to have suppliers that can target all these aspects.

Together, Crosser and Elkome provide the tools to simplify and accelerate digital projects for any industry, to access their asset data and manage it effectively.

“At Elkome, we truly believe we have the tools to help industrial businesses take the crucial first steps into Industry 4.0,” explaines Juha Halonen, marketing director at Elkome. “Over time, our personalised service has meant we’ve developed strong relationships with our customers, helping to deliver the exact solutions they require. Now, as we work with Crosser, we’re able to level up this offering and help customers not only access their data, but fight the complexity often associated with it.”

Martin Thunman, CEO and co-founder of Crosser, echoes Halonen’s reflections, “We aim to radically simplify the digital journey for Elkome and its customers, helping them to get more IIoT projects into production faster. With the support of Elkome’s expertise in Finnish industry, we hope to support even more organisations as they seek to do more with their asset data.”



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