be.ENERGISED Reaches New Service Level with Single Sign-On


The updated be.ENERGISED operating system is being used by all users since February 2020. In addition to various upgrades that make the software even more secure, be.ENERGISED customers now also benefit from a single sign-on function (SSO) and two-factor authentication.

One Log-In for All Programmes: Company Accounts Even More User-Friendly

Single sign-on is a centralised user authentication service. The SSO function of the be.ENERGISED software grants users of enterprise company account immediate access to all has·to·be programs – with just a single log-in. Enterprise customers currently benefit from the convenient integration of Office365 and Salesforce, among other functions. Multiple log-ins to different programs are no longer required, and tiresome password resets are now a thing of the past. This includes all password guidelines that also apply to be.ENERGISED.

Central User Administration Optimises Daily Workflow

SSO yields significant advantages for companies in general and for IT departments in particular – for example, by means of central user administration. All processes can be executed via the be.ENERGISED platform. This, in turn, promotes flexibility and productivity within the company and facilitates smooth workflow. Onboarding or offboarding processes of employees, for example, can be implemented more effectively through SSO by speeding up the granting or restriction of authorizations. A further advantage of SSO is a lower risk of weak passwords being hacked due to the use of a single set of access data. The risk of a user confusing or forgetting access data is also reduced to a minimum. SSO can therefore effectively help to avoid downtime in connection with password resets, thus saving costs.

Double Security with Two-Factor Authentication

In the course of expanding security standards, be.ENERGISED now also offers two-factor authentication. This additional security measure to protect the user accounts of enterprise customers complements the security package of the has·to·be software perfectly.