Asus and Nvidia to build Taiwan supercomputer for medical research

Nvidia supercomputer

Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) has contracted Asus and Nvidia to build a supercomputer.

The NHRI did not disclose the specifications of the system, nor when it expected to launch the supercomputer.

The new system is part of a wider partnership with the two companies to develop AI tools for the medical sector.

The NHRI said: “Using Nvidia’s latest generation AI supercomputer and AI models and analytical computing applications, combined with the AIHPC cloud platform developed by Asus Computer Cloud Architecture Software Center (OCIS), and the maintenance consulting services and training of Taiwan Smart Cloud Service (TWS), [we will] build the health-specific supercomputers to allow developers or data scientists to develop, deploy, test applications, and perform big data AI high-speed computing tasks through a single platform, greatly shortening the processing time of huge amounts of data, and expanding the capacity of medical and health research and development.”

Back in 2017, Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology partnered with Nvidia to set up four AI research centers and build a four petaflops supercomputer, with plans to grow to 10 petaflops over four years.