Aimtec introduces the new platform


Aimtec, a consulting and technology company in Pilsen, Czech Republic, is introducing a new platform: This expands its portfolio of products that are available in both on-premise and, newly, cloud versions. Through this step, Aimtec is responding to the latest IT trends breaking through into manufacturing and striving to offer its customers more flexible systems than ever for manufacturing and logistics.

Aimtec is no newcomer to the cloud; it has been offering a cloud EDI solution in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) for several years now. But this year it’s adding more comprehensive solutions alongside that, such as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a Warehouse Management System (WMS), and a Yard Management System (YMS). This is its response to developments in cloud services that make it possible to expand the benefits of SaaS out to manufacturing and logistics as well – and a response to customer demand for solutions that bring them flexibility, scalability, and a minimal starting investment. Jan Stočes has been put in charge of leading Aimtec cloud services portfolio as Cloud Services Director.

Chairman of the Board Roman Žák explains the company’s reasons for introducing this new platform: “Originally the only service that we offered in the cloud was EDI. But we gradually introduced more and more sectional solutions that came to reach beyond just electronic data interchange. We thus decided to move these services to a new platform while adding comprehensive solutions for manufacturing and warehouse management – MES and WMS. We would like, through this service, to offer customers one single system for all the key areas of their business. In a single click, they can apply our verified “best-practices” processes for specific manufacturing areas. They can then focus on manufacturing rather than worrying about IT. We’re planning to move our complete product portfolio to over the next few years”.

One advantage of the service lies in its scalability. Customers can choose whether they’ll use only selected functions alongside their established systems, or instead choose a complete cloud solution. Besides its existing EDI customers, the company already has its first clients out there making use of its more comprehensive solutions. Company Skladon is among them. Skladon’s CEO Konstantin Margaretis explains why they chose “Since we provide logistics outsourcing for the e-commerce segment, system speed and stability are key for us. Our field is growing dynamically, and prepares us for quick, flexible growth. It makes capacity scaling, server stability, data security and system administration far easier and more efficient than they would be with ordinary solutions.”

Aimtec’s cloud services are in the expert hands of Jan Stočes, who’s been working here since 2016. As Cloud Services Director, he’s responsible for the whole Aimtec cloud portfolio and its development. “Six years ago, when we first started with cloud EDI, there were very few specialised cloud services out there. Today customers are seeking practically all of their solutions “As a Service” – from EDI to WMS and even ERP. Fuelled by our experts’ enormous know-how, enables us to offer time-tested solutions in the form of cloud services, with all of the advantages that these bring. And the whole package is backed by the first-class infrastructure at Amazon Web Services.”